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Get the project tailored
to your tech stack

We work with both freelancers and dev teams

Expect more

Bench serves you as your personal manager and provides you with exactly what you need and even more. Delegate all the dull work to our specialists and focus on being a rockstar developer.


Payment warranty

No worries about your money - Bench is a warrantee for both sides of the contract.


Effortless contract

Bench handles all the paperwork and so you can focus on your work.


New equipment & co-working space

Need equipment or working space? Worry not - our partners are here for you in 260 cities. For free.


Your personal manager

Let your personal manager be there for you to help you grow as a developer and a person.

How it works?

We have prepared a proven 5-step process to follow in order to give you the perfect match with possible projects. Deep in the Bench’s heart lies a Machine Learning algorithm – all the choices are 100% data-driven. Simple as that.

01. Define your vibe

Provide us with all the details about your character, soft and hard skills. The more precise data the algorithm receives, the better value you will get.

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02. Let’s meet

Our screening process is very simple – let’s hang out so that we can get to know you better and check your skills during pair programming.

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03. Projects offer

Based on your personal preferences you will receive a list of projects that will satisfy your needs and expectations. Then it is you who decides to kick-off.

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04. Meet the client

We strongly believe that the basis of successful collaboration is a good vibe and communication between two sides. Let us arrange the first meeting with your new team. We take care of all the dull work around arrangement if necessary.

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05. Let the work begin

Having the team assembled you can immediately start working on the project. Leave all the paperwork to Bench specialists and let yourself focus on matters that are most important to you.

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We work with dev teams as well!

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